How to use AWS RDS with Nextjs Prisma app

How to use AWS RDS Database with your Nextjs Prisma app

As a Nextjs app developer, you must have thought about figuring out the best deployment strategy for your Nextjs app at some point. There are many options if you want…

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How to Fix Github Fatal Error: Authentication Failed From VSCode Terminal

You might have come across this error once or twice in your development journey with Visual Studio Code. In most cases, this error appears when you are about to push…

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How to use Material UI theme with Styled components

How to use Material UI Theme with Styled Components in your React Application

Material UI is one of the most popular design systems for web and mobile applications. Sure, it has a steeper learning curve but once you get familiar with it, you…

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React hook form with Typescript guide

How to use React Hook Form with TypeScript and Material UI – Complete Guide

Forms in React is a very important concept to understand if you are new to it. If your project is small, you could use a basic HTML form in React….

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Publish React app on Netlify with Github

How to Publish React App to Netlify with Github Repo (With Screenshots)

Have you developed an app using React and wondering how to publish it on Netlify? Perhaps, you have created a Github repo for your project and want to deploy on…

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How to earn yield from smart contract on Aave

How to Earn Yield on ETH stored in your Smart Contract with Aave Protocol

Are you building a decentralized application (dapp) where users are able to store funds in your smart contract? Perhaps a staking dapp or a yield farming dapp? Well, why not…

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How to Add Foundry to an existing Hardhat Project (with Screenshots)

If you’re familiar with Ethereum development and Solidity, you might have heard about the Foundry test framework that has been making waves in the Smart contract development industry. If you…

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Uninstall Kaspersky without password

How to Remove or Uninstall Kaspersky Anti-virus without Password

Are you facing a problem while trying to uninstall Kaspersky Anti-virus from your Windows machine? Most common occurrence of this issue happens when you have set a security Password for…

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Disable Laptop Keyboard in Windows

How to Disable Internal Laptop Keyboard in Windows OS

Sometimes, due to any reason you may want to disable or block your internal Laptop keyboard. In this guide I am going to show you how to do that in…

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How to Transfer Udemy Courses from One Account to Another

Some of you may have faced this particular situation where you ended up having two or more Udemy accounts. Not to worry, because there’s a way you can transfer your…

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