Microsoft free memory forensics rootkit detection service

Microsoft has launched a Free Memory Forensics and Rootkit Detection Service for Linux

Microsoft has just launched a Free online service Project Freta aimed to discover forensic evidence on Linux systems. With this service you will be able to dig up hard-to-find rootkits and…

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Learn programming with Role Playing Game

Learn Programming by playing a Role Playing Game (RPG)

Do you find coding tutorials boring? How about learning programming while playing a Role Playing Game on your computer. TwilioQuest is a game that has been endorsed by many students…

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Whatsapp Payments person to person

WhatsApp launches Person-to-Person Payment feature for masses

Whatsapp has recently announced the launch of Person to Person payment feature. With this feature, people will be able to send money to each other and also buy stuff from…

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Microsoft Machine Learning Scholarship

Microsoft Azure is offering 300 Machine Learning Scholarships with Udacity

Microsoft has recently partnered with Udacity to bring an Amazing Scholarship program for the Machine Learning Nano-degree.The goal of the scholarship program is to enable Computer Science students to build…

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HNG Remote Global Internship

HNGi7.0 – Remote Global Software Development Internship for Everyone

HNG has been offering Online Remote Software Development Internships in Africa since 2017. Recently they have decided to go “global” and let anyone who’s interested in Software Development to be…

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