How to Disable Political Ads on Facebook

With the launch of the new Voting information center, Facebook has added a very important feature for the privacy of those who can vote. With this feature, you can disable or turn off political ads from your Facebook new feed.

As we all know that political ads matter a lot, especially when the election is near. Sometimes ads can change the perspective of the voter which might not be a positive thing. After the previous U.S. elections, people raised a very important concern: Everyone should be able to opt out of such ads.

With those concerns in mind, Facebook has updated their ad library to offer more transparency to the masses. With the latest feature, you have the option to control the limit of political ads that display on your feed.

Facebook has rolled-out this option in the U.S but they plan on expanding it to other countries as well. With this option, you will be able to opt-out of political ads from your Mobile or Desktop PC.

How to Disable from an Individual Ad

Here’s how you can disable or turn-off political ads from an Ad that you see in your news feed:

  1. When you see a political ad, click on the “confirmed organization” option.
    facebook ad confirmed organization
  2. In the menu that appears, click on the “See fewer ads about this topic” option.
    see fewer ads facebook
  3. After that, click on the “See fewer ads about this topic” option and you’re done.
    see fewer ads about topicThis is how you can get rid of the ads directly from an add you see in your home feed.

How to Disable ads from Settings

Here’s how you can disable / turn off those ads from your Facebook Ads settings:

  1. Inside your Facebook Settings > Ads Preferences, click on the “Ad topics” option.
    Facebook ads preferences
  2. In the next menu, click on the “Social Issues, Elections or Politics” option.
    Elections or Politics
  3. In the sub-menu, click on the “See fewer ads about this topic” option. That’s all you need to do.
    see fewer ads on topicThat’s all you need to do to remove the political ads from your facebook feed. Some ads may still find their way in your feed but you can report them individually in the same way described above.
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