5 Free Flutter Courses for Learning Native App Development

Want to build beautiful native apps with minimum effort and great speed? Try our Flutter. Flutter is Google’s UI Framework for building attractive native applications for Mobile, Web and Desktop. And the best thing is, it’s totally Free and Open source.

This new UI Toolkit is grabbing the front-end development industry by storm. That’s why we’ve decided to share some awesome Free courses and certifications on Flutter that you can start right away.

Why choose Flutter for App Development?

Flutter is a unified SDK for developing apps for all devices in one go: Mobile, Web and Desktop. That means, you don’t have to compile your code separately for all devices. Another reason why developers choose Flutter over other platforms is the speed. You can have basic app built and running within a few minutes.

Here are the most prominent features of Flutter:

  • One code base for two platforms i-e Android and iOS. That means you only have to write your code once and it will be available for both platforms. It is platform-independent.
  • Flutter has a hot-reload feature that allows you to make changes to your code and quickly view those changes without any change to the state. It automatically injects the updated source code files into the Dart Virtual Machine.
  • The toolkit features built-in Material design, Cupertino widgets, smooth scrolling and motion APIs.
  • It offers native performance for both iOS and android by automatically detecting platform differences like navigation, scrolling and fonts.
  • Flutter is based on Dart programming language which is quite fast and very easy to learn.
  • It is completely free and open source.
  • Support for older devices. The apps will work the same on old versions of Android and iOS.

List of Free Flutter Courses For Beginners

Here are the best free courses on Flutter app development that teach you right from the beginner level up to the advanced stage:

Udacity – Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter

Udacity Free Flutter Course

Google has partnered with Udacity to bring you an amazing free course that teaches you how to build a Native mobile app with Flutter from scratch.

The best thing about this course is, it’s being taught by Google instructors. It’s a complete hands-on courses in which you will learn reactive framework, hot-reload and integrated tools. You will learn how to customize your app, build composable widgets and incorporate built-in animations.

The course duration is 2 weeks approximately. You will be covering a lot of ground in those 2 weeks.

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App Brewery – Introduction to Flutter Development using Dart

App Brewery Free course Intro to Flutter using Dart

This is another awesome introductory course that has been developed by App Brewery in coordination with Google team.

It is a complete Beginner’s level course that will teach you the fundamentals of Flutter app development using Dart programming language.

In this course you will be building 8 complete responsive Web apps that will have some functionality. There will also be challenges that will involve basic and intermediate tasks for you to complete.

The course duration is 10 hours. You can take this course even if you have Zero programming experience.

Upon the completion of the course, you will get a Free certificate.

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Flutter.dev – Flutter Development Tutorial

Flutter Dev Official Tutorial

This free tutorial is worth mentioning here because it’s been made and maintained by the official Flutter dev team. It’s actually available on the official website.

It’s a step-by-step tutorial that teaches you the framework in a nicely structured way.

First you will learn how to build basic layouts. Then you will start adding interactivity into your app. For example, clicking an icon or a button etc. Then you will learn how to add animation classes to your project. And finally you will learn getting your application ready for production.

This is a basic tutorial just to get your familiar and comfortable with Flutter. I recommend going through it before you start any other course.

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Udemy – Learn Flutter – Beginner’s Course

Udemy Free Flutter Beginners course

This is a Beginner course developed by an Independent instructor on Udemy. This course involves developing a basic application.

The courses consists of about 2 hours of on-demand videos. The videos have been segregated in well-defined modules.

The instructor of this course expects you to have basic knowledge of Dart programming language and basic understanding of OOP concepts.

You will learn how to use VS Code, IntelliJ and Android Studio for app development.

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The Net Ninja – Flutter Tutorial for Beginners

The Net Nina Free Flutter Tutorial

The Net Nijna has put up a Tutorial series on Youtube which consists of more than 30 videos.

It’s a very practical course that teaches you the fundamentals of Flutter and then quickly movies on to app development. You are going to learn how to build Android and iOS apps from scratch.

The course involves building a World Time App and 2 other mini-apps to give you practical knowledge on how Flutter works.

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