The Best Geeky Google Fonts for Tech based Projects

Working on Web / Mobile Development projects and searching for cool fonts to compliment with the theme? Look no further because in this guide we are going to share a list of the best geeky google fonts that you can use. Fonts are a very important factor when designing an app or a website. It gives off a vibe to the readers and makes them feel more welcome to your app.

Choosing the most suitable font for your app is no easy task. It’s one of the things that you have to absolutely get right. The most important question:

Where to look for suitable fonts?

In this guide we are putting an emphasis on finding and selecting geeky fonts that give kind of a techie impression. Something that technology related people would love and understand. I’ll actually go a bit further and call them Cyber fonts. In my opinion, it reflects the type of font we are looking for.

Some Cool Geeky Google Fonts to Consider

Here’s a list of some of the top Google fonts that could be considered the most suitable fonts for Geeks and Cyber related people:


Abel Google Font
Google Font – Abel

Abel is a nice looking font which is a modern version of the flat-sided sans serif. It was originally used for posters and banners but you will find it to be a nice fit for Tech projects as well. It’s clean and sleek texture gives a nice feel to anything computer related.

Exo 2

Exo 2 Google font
Google Font – Exo 2

Exo 2 is a geometric sans serif typeface that gives a futuristic and a techie impression with its sleek design. It has a total of 9 weights with a true italic version for each of them. This font is most suitable for small text sizes and long paragraphs.


Play Google Font
Google Font – Play

Play is a great minimalistic typeface font that has been liked by many professionals. All the characters of this font have been derived from the ‘O’ circular and square at the same time. It has large open counters and offers a nice corporate appearance. In terms of readability, it’s considered as a superior font.


Monda Google Font
Google Font Monda

Monda is a free font family which has been extensively used by web browsers, desktop PCs and mobile devices. All it’s source files are available at Github. It’s a great choice for web and mobile designers because of its simplicity and readability. The font gives a nice clean and geeky feel.


Electrolize Google Font
Google Font – Electrolize

Electrolize is a nice techno character font which is suitable for any types of headings and body text. It is a squarish geometric typeface with excellent structure. Because of its prominent and straight outlines, it is very much suitable for print and screen both.

Special Elite

Special Elite Google Font
Google Font – Special Elite

Special Elite is a very unique typeface with resemblance to the Remington noiseless typewriter models. The font gives a vintage typewriter feel that seems powerfully elegant. It’s a great choice for web projects that offer a nice typewriter like experience to readers.


Changa Google Font
Google Font – Change

Changa is a font that is most suitable for text usage. It offers flexibility for typographers for setting text with minimum line spacing. It’s an awesome font for web and mobile app projects. Even headings would look cool in my opinion.

Press Start 2P

Press Start 2P Google Font
Google Font – Press Start 2P

Press Start 2P is a cool vintage gaming based font that was designed based on the 1980s Namco arcade games. It’s optimum font sizes are 8px, 16px and other multiples of 8. You can use it in your funky gaming projects and make them feel like the old arcade games.


AudioWide Google Font
Google Font – AudioWide

AudioWide is a cool technology based sans serif font with soft corner tubular forms. It gives off a futuristic techno yet clear and elegant feel that is easy to read. It’s a great fit for casual projects that technical and friendly in nature.

Black Ops One

Google Font – Black ops One

And lastly another gaming based font that is loved by modern gamers especially those who have played Black Ops One. It’s gives a strong, bold and action feel that only true geeks would understand. You can freely use it in your tech projects.

Do let us know what you think about these awesome techno fonts. We will keep adding more from time to time. Meanwhile, feel free to browse this awesome list of some Free and Paid WordPress Themes for creating Tech Blogs.

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About the Author: Umair

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  1. Thanks for sharing these fonts. However, it would be nice if you included fonts other than Google fonts as well. It shouldn’t be limited to Google Fonts only.

  2. hey umm I am building a website and i tried to download fonts from font 1001 and i installed it on my device but i am unable to use it on vs code, can you help me?

    1. Hi. To install the font in VSCode, first install the font in Windows by double-clicking it. Then go to File > Preferences > Settings and search for Font in the right-side window. Insert the name of the newly downloaded font and that’s it.

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