How to Transfer Udemy Courses from One Account to Another

Some of you may have faced this particular situation where you ended up having two or more Udemy accounts. Not to worry, because there’s a way you can transfer your Udemy courses from one account to another. Simply put, your accounts can be merged into one.

Here are the different scenarios where you may need this to happen:

  • You forgot about your old account and created a new one
  • Your previous account got hacked and you created a new one
  • Somehow, you mistakenly created two accounts and both have courses in them
  • You just wanted to have two accounts but now you need one

For all of these situations, you can have your two accounts merged into one. Thankfully, Udemy has offered this feature to users to help with similar cases.

Note: In case of merging accounts, private messages and notes cannot be transferred. This is something you will have to deal with on your own.

Also: Market place accounts and Business accounts cannot be merged. They always be treated as separate entities.

How to Transfer Courses

To transfer courses from one account to the other, you simply have to create a support ticket at Udemy Support HERE. Once you submit the ticket, you should expect the request to process within the next 48 hours or so.

Now you may be wondering what you should write exactly. Here’s an easy template you can follow to get your issue resolved quickly:



I need to merge my two accounts that were created by me on different dates. I need to transfer all the courses and other profile related stuff into one.

Here are the two accounts that I need to merge:

Account # 1 URL

Email address

Account # 2 URL

Email address


Kindly merge these two accounts into one, preferably in the first Account, so I can access my new account with the **Account # 1 email address**.

And that’s it. You should expect a reply within the next couple of days. Hopefully your new account will be accessible within no time.

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  1. My husband purchase a course for me. I would prefer that it be under my account (he hasn’t used it yet). Can I transfer it?

    1. Yes, you can. Simply create a support ticket on Udemy and request them to send the course to your account. Use the email template mentioned on the guide.

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