Microsoft Azure is offering 300 Machine Learning Scholarships with Udacity

Microsoft has recently partnered with Udacity to bring an Amazing Scholarship program for the Machine Learning Nano-degree.The goal of the scholarship program is to enable Computer Science students to build Machine learning skills and bring transformation in the IT industry.

Microsoft Machine Learning Scholarship

The training course will start with the basics of Machine learning and moves on to applying your newly gained knowledge with Microsoft Azure platform.

Machine Learning Nano-degree Features

  • The program will run for total of 6 months and it will run 100% online.
  • The Foundations course will run for the first 2 months requiring 2 to 3 hours of work per week
  • The Nanodegree program will run for 4 months requiring 10 hours of work per week
  • The Foundations course will be available for 10,000 students. Only 300 students will qualify for the Nanodegree program.
  • You can study on your own schedule. However, you will have to complete the Foundation course in 2 months.
  • You will be expected to complete a number of hands-on tasks and projects in Azure environment.

Requirements and Eligibility

  • You should have basic Python programming knowledge and should be comfortable with writing scripts and performing looping functions.
  • Some basic knowledge of statistics is preferred but not required.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A stable Internet connection is a must to pursue this course since it’s online.

Application Dead-line and Start date

The dead-line to apply for the scholarship program is 30th June 2020. The Foundations course will start from 8th July 2020 and will be available until 10th September 2020.

How to Apply

To apply for the Machine Learning scholarship, you need to visit THIS LINK.

You will need to submit your background information and answer a few questions about your prerequisite knowledge. After that, you will be asked to share your Goals in the IT field.

Your application will be scrutinized based on the information you provide. Make sure that you answer all questions honestly and as accurately as possible.

Best of luck with your application! Do subscribe to our blog to know about similar opportunities in the future.

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