Google Pixel Freezing on calls

A Quick Fix for Google Pixel Freezing while Making Calls

Do you own a Google Pixel or Pixel XL phone? If you do you might be familiar with the pains that most Pixel users are going through recently. I myself…

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Restrict USB device Read Write access Windows 10

How to Restrict USB Read and Write Access in Windows 10

In many situations you might need to restrict USB storage Read and Write access on your Windows 10 system. In this guide I am going to show you a very…

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Free Python Certifications FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp launches 4 New Python Certifications

FreeCodeCamp, one of the most popular online Software Development courses provider has published their new 7.0 curriculum. In the new curriculum they have launched four new Python certifications that you…

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Microsoft free memory forensics rootkit detection service

Microsoft has launched a Free Memory Forensics and Rootkit Detection Service for Linux

Microsoft has just launched a Free online service Project Freta aimed to discover forensic evidence on Linux systems. With this service you will be able to dig up hard-to-find rootkits and…

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Microsoft's free Windows File Recovery Tool

How to use Microsoft’s new Windows File Recovery Tool

Here’s a great news for Windows 10 users: Microsoft has just released a new free built-in Windows File recovery app which is available in the Microsoft Store. With the new…

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Turn off Political Ads on Facebook

How to Disable Political Ads on Facebook

With the launch of the new Voting information center, Facebook has added a very important feature for the privacy of those who can vote. With this feature, you can disable…

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Learn programming with Role Playing Game

Learn Programming by playing a Role Playing Game (RPG)

Do you find coding tutorials boring? How about learning programming while playing a Role Playing Game on your computer. TwilioQuest is a game that has been endorsed by many students…

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Whatsapp Payments person to person

WhatsApp launches Person-to-Person Payment feature for masses

Whatsapp has recently announced the launch of Person to Person payment feature. With this feature, people will be able to send money to each other and also buy stuff from…

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Free and Open Source software for Exams and Quiz Management

6 Free and Open source Software for Exam and Quiz Management

Are you Looking for free tools and software for organizing online exams and quizzes? In this guide we are going to share a number of free and open source tools…

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Adobe Photoshop Camera App

Adobe has launched its Free Photoshop Camera Mobile App with over 80 Face Filters

The most-awaited Adobe Photoshop camera has been finally launched and it’s available for download on Google Play store and Apple store. The app is completely free to use and it…

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