HNG Remote Global Internship

HNGi7.0 – Remote Global Software Development Internship for Everyone

HNG has been offering Online Remote Software Development Internships in Africa since 2017. Recently they have decided to go “global” and let anyone who’s interested in Software Development to be…

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Winrmsrv requiring Windows Firewall Access

Winrmsrv.exe requiring Firewall Access? It’s Definitely a Malware

Did you just turn ON your computer and this Windows Firewall dialogue shows up requiring Firewall permission for winrmsrv.exe? Yes, it is most definitely a virus / trojan / malware….

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Free Flutter Courses for Native App Development

5 Free Flutter Courses for Learning Native App Development

Want to build beautiful native apps with minimum effort and great speed? Try our Flutter. Flutter is Google’s UI Framework for building attractive native applications for Mobile, Web and Desktop….

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Kernel DMA Protection

How to Check if your Windows System supports Kernel DMA Protection

Direct Memory Access (DMA) attacks have become a real threat to Computer Systems that have Thuderbolt 3 ports on them. This particular attack results in leakage of sensitive information residing…

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Wordpress Plugin cannot write to cache directory

How to Fix WordPress Plugin cannot write to the Cache Directory (wp-content/cache/plugin)

Some times in WordPress you may get a confusing error for a particular plugin stating: This particular error is a file / folder permissions error and you need to make…

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Free Network certifications and courses

6 Free Network Certifications and Courses to Take in 2020

Are you looking to pursue a career as Network Administrator or Network Engineer? This is going to be an extremely helpful guide for you because we are going to share…

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Center Align Wordpress Image Captions

How to center-align Image Captions in WordPress

It’s a pretty common problem faced by many WordPress users, when you install a particular WordPress theme and you find out that the Image captions in your blog posts are…

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Free and Paid Tech Blog Wordpress Themes

8 Free and Paid Geeky WordPress Themes for Tech Blogs

Thinking about starting a Tech blog that grips the attention of your readers? For this guide we have chosen a list of eight free and paid WordPress themes that you…

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Run Nodejs Application as Windows Service

How to Run NodeJS Application as a Windows Service

In a development environment, it’s very easy to run your server using a simple command but in a production environment, your Node application needs to be up and running at…

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Run applications as Windows service

How to Run Third-Party Applications as Windows Service (With Screenshots)

Do you need any of your third-party applications or software to run automatically when your system boots? The best way to do that is by deploying them as Windows Service….

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