How to stream music from Phone via Bluetooth in Windows 10

Want to stream music from your phone to PC via Bluetooth without installing any third-party tools? Windows 10 has just rolled out one of the most useful features in the May 2020 update that lets you do exactly that. To put it simply, you will now be able to pair your smartphone to your PC using Bluetooth and stream your songs and audio files to your Computer.

Another interesting thing to note is that you will be able to stream audio playing within the Chrome browser, Youtube or your phone’s default music player. You will receive the output through your PC’s speakers or the headphones.

The features that enables this functionality is called Bluetooth A2DP Sink. This feature was previously present in Windows 7 and was removed in Windows 8. Microsoft also confirmed the update in one of its articles published in May 2020 mentioning that you will be able to configure Windows PC as a Bluetooth speaker.

How to configure Windows 10 PC as a Bluetooth Speaker

Follow this step-by-step procedure to pair your smart phone to your PC and turn your Windows 10 computer into a Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Install the May 2020 Update. In case, the update is already installed on your PC then you can move on with the next step. If it isn’t, you can go to your Windows Update Settings in Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and select Check for updates. If you still cannot get it, because Microsoft hasn’t made it available to all PCs, then you can get it manually from HERE.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your PC and smart phone. To enable it on your PC, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.
    Bluetooth settings Windows 10
  3. After that, click on Add Bluetooth or other device and then click on Bluetooth.
  4. Now you should see your smartphone listed among other devices that have bluetooth enabled. Click on your Phone and follow the instructions to pair it with your PC.
  5. Now your phone should appear in the Bluetooth and other devices page.
  6. The next step is to download the Bluetooth Audio Receiver from Microsoft store and install it. It is a free app and can be installed with a single click. Download it from HERE.
    Bluetooth Audio Receiver app
  7. Select your device in the Bluetooth Audio receiver app and click on Open Connection. Now you will be able to stream music from your phone to PC.
    open bluetooth connection

Please note that as of now, you cannot receive or make calls with this feature. It may appear in the future releases. But for now, you can enjoy this cool feature and leverage your PC’s audio capability from your phone.


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  1. Amazing dude, I’ve been looking everywhere for a solution for Your Phone Companion, it has a phone screen mirroring, but audio stops working on Samsung devices which allow separate app screen mirroring.

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